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Fall is Upon Us / Mirrors

Autumn is upon us and it being my favorite season I am thrilled with it's onset. The crisp cool light-jack-wearing weather, the beautiful colors in the falling leaves and dressed up trick 'or' treaters are all warm reminders as to why I love this season.

So what am I to do now that Fall is upon us? Well, with the re-launching of my website I am inspired to take more photographs, perhaps even using film! Either way, now I have a great opportunity to expand my artistry.

I also enjoy the types of typical foods we eat during this season: maple syrup, brown sugars, apples (ciders, pies, etc) and fresh squash. Mix these together and you have an amazing flavorful fall food combination. So I will be for sure cooking this season using these lovely aforementioned ingredients.

Enough about cooking and let's focus on getting real during this season. It will be my 10th anniversary of meeting my very best friend and spouse, Tony (or T$ for short). When I was much younger I never saw myself committing to just one person. So I myself am amazed at how this relationship has progressed over the years and with all of its unique blessings and even trials and tribulations I am reminded that I am loved and that this connection is really part of our human anatomy. And its not limited to romantic relationships. All of us, whether its an in-person or electronic relationship, have a need for connection. It is this connection that helps define us, our own personal constitution and personality attributes which make us unique.

Others in our lives, be it casual friends, lifetime friends, family, or co-workers are mirrors into our very own makeup-the definition of our identity. I recall some of the strongest influences on my life and personality and not only do I reflect and warmly remember my mentors, I also recognize those personalities that have had a negative influence on my life as a reminder that I am, like everyone else, all too human. Fallible. Mistake-driven. Unique. And more importantly, alive.

Not to be trite, but life is short. Recently, there have been others in my social circle that were diagnosed with terminal illnesses. We are not immune to our own immortality. So take it from me: make the best out of every situation, do the next right thing and always remember forgiveness can be gifted to yourself. Go easy on yourself. Have fun. Laugh out loud a lot.

And most importantly: enjoy this season and be sure to be embraced by the beauty of the change in seasons.

Ian D. Campbell

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